Oh my god she’s back again

It's been four months since I last wrote anything on here. Here are the key updates: got a job! as a writer! in London! new mates! a desk! went to a festival! got damp! frolicked in a field of sunflowers! Here's a picture of me doing exactly that! Went to Brighton Pride! Brighton is exactly… Continue reading Oh my god she’s back again

It’s Gonna Be May (this post has basically nothing to do with the election)

With May hurtling towards us (the month not Theresa), I have spent the last couple of weeks coming to terms with the fact that I will be 24 imminently. It wasn't so much this sobering reality that took a lot of coming to terms with as a hangover that long overstayed its welcome coupled with a spell… Continue reading It’s Gonna Be May (this post has basically nothing to do with the election)

April Foolishness

This past week I've been on work experience at an advertising firm in London. And I've been doing a really good job! I got off to a sniffly start on account of getting a cold at the worst possible moment and felt very Emily Blunt in The Devil Wears Prada only with less Valentino and… Continue reading April Foolishness

Belated Thoughts on International Women’s Day

Last week I meant to write a piece for International Women's Day but became stunted once again by the anxiety I feel writing about major issues when my own experience is narrow, privileged and often embarrassing or unpleasant to write about. In light or in spite of this, I'm going to write something anyway. I experience waves of judgment,… Continue reading Belated Thoughts on International Women’s Day

On The Archers (Sort of)

I'm still unemployed! I've uploaded a million CV's online and applied for jobs pretty much everywhere from China to Dubai. I've even (mostly) overcome my fear of escalators as a result of spending some time in London, which has been wonderfully liberating. I'm trying to make the most of my "time off" by engaging with the… Continue reading On The Archers (Sort of)

On rejection and trying to be Carrie Bradshaw

I got my first rejection last week! It followed a disastrous interview, but at least I can now cross digital media salesperson off my list of potential career paths. This wasn't much of a surprise considering I never technically learned what a spreadsheet is for [if you're considering hiring me and are reading this I am very… Continue reading On rejection and trying to be Carrie Bradshaw

I’m going to try not to swear in this post

I had planned to write something earlier, but the piles of gifts and flowers were too much and I was trapped in my room without a laptop charger. Having successfully shooed the countless suitors from my door and filed several restraining orders I have finally settled down to share my thoughts on this special day. Let's be… Continue reading I’m going to try not to swear in this post