Oh my god she’s back again

It’s been four months since I last wrote anything on here. Here are the key updates:

  1. got a job! as a writer! in London! new mates! a desk!
  2. went to a festival! got damp! frolicked in a field of sunflowers! Here’s a picture of me doing exactly that!IMG_9928.JPG
  3. Went to Brighton Pride! Brighton is exactly as magical as I remember! I met this guy! reminder that dreams really do come true! He’s wearing a f***ing tie!IMG_0074.JPG

Since having to face the commute every day I’ve had a lot more time to read, and these beauties below have made things immeasurably more enjoyable. Pre-graduating and even when I was in my unemployment funk I didn’t have much time or will to read mainstream fiction, so having two or so hours a day to read has been a godsend. My favourites this year have been The Pier Falls by Mark Haddon, Swing Time by Zadie Smith and The Power by Naomi Alderman. I’m hoping to write in more detail on the first two. Zadie Smith in particular never fails in her ability to take me somewhere else. Her writing is kind of otherworldly in its familiarity, although the scope of this novel is arguably more ambitious than anything she’s done previously.

the pier falls        swing time          the power






My own writing has taken a back seat since going to work. It’s a shame (for me at least), and even writing this I feel very rusty which is making me feel even more guilty about letting it slide. Every time I’ve sat down and tried to write something it’s come out as a jumble of thoughts and sometimes the negativity of it or just the confusion that comes out is overwhelming and makes me want to put a lid on it. In addition, I’ve set myself a piece of writing that is difficult to write in every sense of the word and I ricochet pretty much daily between sacking it off completely and thinking that I probably need several wines before I even take it or myself seriously enough to write it.

In short, I’m back! So stay tuned for book reviews, nonsense and ranting about, I dunno, the patriarchy probably.


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